Story of a Milestone Birthday

A lone ranch, sounds of an accordion on the mountain ridge, Segways and a feast in the forest

“… I arrived at a country restaurant in the middle of a goat dairy, knowing that my husband’s friends were going on a day trip with their partners.

As I entered the picturesque wooden structure, I was shocked to discover all my family and closest friends – what a surprise!! How did he manage to hide this from me?… After all, I am such a control freak, and I know and am in charge of everything that happens at home!!

What excitement and an especially delicious breakfast, all types of cheeses, omelets, shakshouka, salads, rustic breads, olives, granola with yoghurt from the dairy, homemade pastries and jam, in short it was hard to leave…”

We finished breakfast and then heard from the owner about their unique family goat pen, and her integration into Israel after she fell in love with her husband and followed him from faraway Finland, made Aliya and raised a family together.

We continued on to a lone ranch

We were warmly welcomed by the owner, next to his deep well.

The man who looked and dressed like Moses told us about his long and wonderful journey until he reached his present abode. How he walked on foot from Turkey, to Iran and India. Seven years of walking between the continents, seven years of soul searching, of adventures and dangers, and surprising and inspirational encounters.

When they eventually reached this spot, they slept in a tent and slowly built their home on the remnants of this ancient settlement, with no water and no electricity.

They turned to religion, had children, and set up the goat pen and agricultural orchards.

Our host took us for a walk among the buildings on the ranch, and we saw what simplicity and modesty are, and left with much food for thought…

We carried on waking along the Shayarot Ridge that looks over the Nachshon River and Sha’ar HaGai, along the winding uphill path towards Jerusalem.

We listened to stories of the battles of 1948 when the residents of the villages of Saris and Beit Mahsir used to go down into the valley and fire at the armored conveys on their way up to Jerusalem.

We saw the route of the Burma Road, built right under their noses.

At one of the magnificent panoramic viewpoints of the coastal plain, my husband surprised me with a dance duo who got everyone up on their feet with dancing from the 60’s. Waiting for us in an open glade in the forest were Segways which we used for the rest of the trip.

Another stop en route under a picturesque tree – here we meet an accordion maestro and to the sounds of his music we raised a glass of wine to me and to the good life – Le’chaim!

In the late afternoon we arrived at a magical spot in the forest.

Here awaited THE BIG SURPRISE; tables set with white checked tablecloths, white benches, white cushions, hammocks on the trees and soft music…

I was shocked!!! I burst out crying I was so emotional … my husband certainly did it big time!!!

And then, suddenly, from behind the trees my beloved grandchildren dressed in white shirts and other close friends rushed out. How much love in one day?

With gentle, caressing lighting all around us, we sat down at these beautiful tables adorned with candles and candelabras for a festive meal.

Once the meal was over, my dear ones surprised me with a hilarious movie and emotional speeches…

We then carried on the evening singing and dancing, accompanied by the accordionist. What incredible joy!!!

No doubt, a day I will never forget!!